No, not like this.

This isn’t a regular ‘healthcare’ blog. This is a single source platform dedicated specifically towards public health care. Meaning, this focuses on all the other external factors that drive health outcomes in addition to medicine alone. There is more to understanding public health than just ‘sick care’, or the lack of affordable/available access to health care (in the US).

Isn’t public health the same as medical care?

Yes, the goal of public health remains in providing and improving health of individuals through medicine, policy and research. And yes, all doctors do take the same oath to treat all patients equally. But sadly they are operating in a methodically broken system fueled by social, economic, political and environmental forces, often times disregarding these public health factors driving patients decisions. For example, the rise in chronic diseases, long-term implications of the climate crisis, gun violence in the US, the immigration crisis, gender-based violence, discrimination in healthcare, housing, and education. Unfortunately, many of the ‘regular health care blogs’ fail to address this.

This is a public health platform

This is a comprehensive single source of information regarding public health delivered in the form of evidence-based story telling, not a ‘healthcare’ blog. It is indeed unfortunate; we live in a ‘fact denying’ world, where evidence-based research is concealed under fear mongering ‘fake news’. In a world dominated by content, unfortunately, the misuse and manipulation of information for convenience is only growing. As a result, those not educated and aware, are easily taken advantage of and ultimately pay the price. Hence where I come in. I chose a career in public health for a reason. Evidence based communication, public health education, and transparency are the best way to ultimately achieve better health outcomes.

So to answer the question who cares about public health? Well,we all should. Accurate and complete information regarding our collective health should not be so hard to find in the internet-driven world today. That is the goal here, to provide accurate information regarding all the factors that drive public health outcomes.

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  1. Looking forward to reading your upcoming articles. Awareness on such topics is much needed! Best of luck.

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