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As a trained health care industry professional, storyteller and optimistic, I am now venturing into the world of content specific to public health. Hi, my name is Mehreen Chaudhry. I’ve spent the last several years studying the business of healthcare in the United States and have come to the realization that fundamental information is universally absent.

How is this platform any different?

After completing my bachelor’s degree in health information management, I worked for the largest health insurance company in the US, only to recognize what most already knew. Health care in the United States is deliberately complicated and designed to mislead the masses. As an educated and fairly well aware student of life, I found myself not only struggling to understand the complexities of care, but also unable to bridge the gap in understanding why.

Pursuing a master’s in public health (MPH) was unequivocally the best route in addressing this lapse in understanding. It answers to all the external factors contributing to current trends among population health. This field is much more than just focusing on the delivery of health care through a medical lens alone. The Health sector is arguably one of the more competitive industries contributing immensely to the national economy. However, the reality remains, the industry is fueled by social, economic, environmental and political factors. And medicine alone does not always take all of those into consideration when providing care, but public health does.

Public information should be just that; public

Upon completion of my graduate degree, I come in as an experienced industry professional. With experience on the business and strategy side, I focus on increasing transparency of care. However, my passion lies with more, specifically addressing the lack of comprehensive information available to non-industry professionals. The most pressing public health related issues this nation faces are obesity, gun violence, homelessness and the ongoing climate crisis. These problems affects the public, and in turn can have severe long-term health implications. Making the need for evidence based researched information readily available and accessible to all members regardless of industry critical.

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